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State of Wonder

January 25, 2014

Don’t blink. You’ll miss Farnell Newton. the Portland trumpeter just got home from back-to-back gigs playing with Bootsy Collins and Jill Scott.

Trumpeter, educator and composer Farnell Newton has had a busy year.

Trumpeter, educator and composer Farnell Newton has had a busy year.

Adrian Adel

We managed to snag him as guest curator for this week’s show. He’ll turn us on to his own work, and artists he’s listening to.

Farnell’s had a busy week online, launching a Jam of the Week page that took off with 200 submissions from musicians around the country. You can catch the highlights if you don’t have time to plow through all those video files.

Also, info on his show tonight with the Ezra Weiss Septet.

We’ll also talk about an effort to give bands more control over revenue streams, and check out some overseas sounds traded by cell phone.

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