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State of Wonder

May 31, 2014: Guest Curator Simon Tam

State of Wonder welcomes guest curator Simon Tam to talk about the links between tech and art, artists dealing with  race and identity, and the business of being in a rock & roll band.

  • Author and musician Frank Portman about his transition from pop-punk band Mr. T Experience to “young adult” novelist of King Dork fame.
  • Angela Weber of the Doubleclicks talks about their Kickstarter project for weekly songs/videos, and why it went beyond expectations, WAY beyond.
  • Music and Mobile Tech - They should get coffee sometime! Ryan Nikolaidas of Cloneless stops by.
  • A peek inside the process of selecting artists to perform with Matt King of Mississippi Studios.
  • We bounce around some ideas about diversity and the literary world with Daniel Jose Older and Matthew Salesses.

Plus we remember piano great Janice Scroggins.

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