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State of Wonder

November 16 2013

Hey everyone, how’s that weekend going?

Our guest curator this week is Ethan Sperry, who directs the PSU Chamber Choir and the Oregon Repertory Singers. Here’s a YouTube clip of him conducting the PSU Chamber Choir for Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah”. Pretty breathtaking.

Here’s where to find other stories in the show.

01:15 - 05:50 Alyssa Macy, a new member of the Oregon Arts Commission
10:20 - 16:45 Eugene Symphony’s Counterpoint Festival
18:20 - 25:40 Oregon Symphony executive search
27:58 - 34:20 Streams of Support recap with Disjecta’s Bryan Suereth
35:15 - 40:25 Joe Sacco’s The Great War
40:30 - 44:40 Fruit Bats final show

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