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Portland Artists Remember Harper Lee, Comics Go Mobile, And Deep Sea Diver Plays From The Heart

A sample of art from Michael Avon Oeming's upcoming Stela series.

A sample of art from Michael Avon Oeming’s upcoming Stela series.

Courtesy Michael Avon Oeming

We are up to our eyeballs this week in Interesting.

00:58 Stēla Comics
Digital comics are big business. Sales in 2014 topped $100 million dollars — and that was before Amazon acquired the main online marketplace Comixology last year. But have you ever tried reading a digital comic book? It’s not easy. Which is why the start-up Stēla is developing brand new titles written and drawn to be read on a smart phone, and instead of charging per issue, they’re offering it as a monthly subscription. A Netflix for comics? We say yes.

Emmy's twin sister Kammi from "Harrow County", a creature as chaotic as Emmy is gentle.

Emmy’s twin sister Kammi from “Harrow County”, a creature as chaotic as Emmy is gentle.

Tyler Crook/Dark Horse Comics

05:51 Harrow County
Portland comic artist Tyler Crook and writer Cullen Bunn are the dark masterminds behind “Harrow County,” a beautiful new comic series that tells the story of Emmy, a teenage girl growing up in a small Southern town with a spiritual connection to the deceased town witch. The graphic novel collecting Harrow County’s first year, “Countless Haints,” was just nominated for a Bram Stoker Award, and there’s a TV adaptation in the works. Read more.

15:47 Harper Lee Remembered
Author Harper Lee passed away last week, just a few months short of her 90th birthday. Her novel “To Kill A Mockingbird” moved millions of readers, and the recent  follow up “Go Set a Watchman” set off a sea of controversy. Portland writers Greg Rucka and Ursula Le Guin spoke to us about her impact on their own work.

Columnist-in-residence Randy Gragg talking with mayoral contender Jules Bailey about a building slated to be torn down on SE Belmont Street.

Columnist-in-residence Randy Gragg talking with mayoral contender Jules Bailey about a building slated to be torn down on SE Belmont Street.

April Baer/OPB

22:17 Mayoral Candidates Jules Bailey and Ted Wheeler on What Makes for a Well Designed City
Columnist-in-residence Randy Gragg decided to go for a walk with two of Portland’s mayoral candidates, Jules Bailey and Ted Wheeler. The topic of focus was urban design and planning, a hot-button issue in town. The candidates chose the neighborhood, and Randy dug in to find out how they’d approach development in these areas if they were elected as mayor. Watch videos of the candidates’ responses and check out a slideshow of buildings they loved (and hated).

Matthew Thomas Ross/opbmusic

37:35 Deep Sea Diver
Seattle-based Deep Sea Diver has been making deeply personal music for years now, but their most recent album, “Secrets,” may be their most personal release yet. It explores the relationship between singer-guitarist Jessica Dobson and her husband, drummer Peter Mansen. Watch their opbmusic Stagepass Concert.

43:08 The Global Reach of Bullseye Glass
A follow-up on the controversy coming out of Portland’s glass plants, Bullseye and Uroboros. The companies have suspended production of certain color glasses following the discovery that the surrounding areas were showing high levels of heavy metals. The impact of this production freeze has been felt around the world. We spoke to artists in Australia and Denmark as well as Bullseye CEO Dan Schwoerer. Special thanks to Cassandra Profita from EarthFix for her assistance on the story.

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