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State of Wonder

November 9 2013

Street art photographed by Jon Steiner

Street art photographed by Jon Steiner

Jon Steiner

State of Wonder follows its jam-packed premiere with a whole new gathering of Oregon arts and culture for this week’s show.

We welcome our first guest curator, Douglas Wolk, the Portland based journalist and author of Reading Comics: How Graphic Novels Work and What They Mean. He’ll share his take on the stories we’re working on this week which include

01:20 Reflecting the arts in a name for Portland’s new transit bridge

04:00 Author and songwriter Willy Vlautin and the film adaptation of his novel, The Motel Life

05:00 Oregon ArtBeat’s coverage of the upcoming Northwest Filmmakers’ Festival

15:00 Alli Brosh and cartoon storytelling on her blog Hyperbole and a Half

22:40 Captain Marvel writer and Pretty Deadly co-creator Kelly Sue DeConnick

31:00 Laura Mvula, British soul singer-songwriter stopped by before her recent Portland concert

42:00 World street art with Jon Steiner

46:00 Jerry Inscoe and a few friends at Breeze Block Gallery

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