Today’s show feels a bit rough around the edges — in a good way, like rugged-smelling aftershave or good-quality field-dressed jerky. OK, maybe it’s not quite so chewy as all that, but every bit as satisfying.

This Thursday, "Oregon Art Beat" profiles the local artists behind the monster magic of "Grimm," like this fox creature who likes to hunt rabbit creatures for their lucky feet...

This Thursday, “Oregon Art Beat” profiles the local artists behind the monster magic of “Grimm,” like this fox creature who likes to hunt rabbit creatures for their lucky feet…

  • 1:21 - Etsy’s IPO roils the waters among makers and sellers. Check out the great story our friends at “Rendered” produced about this!
  • 4:02 - A panel of the federal court of appeals issues a decision against The Slants‘ trademark case. Read our full interview with intellectual law professor Mark Lemley.
  • 6:19 - University of Oregon physicist/psychologist Richard Taylor has discovered that computers can determine a real Jackson Pollock from a fake based on mathematic patterns called fractals. Hear the full interview from “Think Out Loud.”
  • 13:25 - opbmusic premieres a new video project with Oregon bands performing on location in state parks. It’s called Road Sessions, and it’s spearheaded by Weather Machine frontman Slater Smith.
  • 16:23 - “Oregon Art Beat” gets (hexen)beastly on the set of “Grimm,” going behind-the-scenes to profile the local artists behind the monster magic. We talk with producer Jule Gilfillan about their  special 30-minute documentary that will air on OPB TV this Thursday, April 30 at 7 p.m.
  • 21:36 - Writer Benjamin Percy grew up living off the land in rural Oregon. His new novel, “The Dead Lands,” re-imagines wild places post-apocalypse, with a futuristic Lewis and Clark as our guides. We’ve never said this before, but don’t buy his books: buy his audio books. His voice is simply unreal.
  • 30:09 - Cellist-in-residence Nancy Ives introduces us to the new artistic director of Portland Cello Project, and outgoing AD Doug Jenkins checks in, too. PCP plays a show on April 30 at Revolution Hall (sadly, it’s sold out).
  • 36:31 - Encore! We listen back to our “Ask A Symphony Musician!” Classical Up Close event, as Oregon Symphony musicians prepare for another season of free public events around metro Portland. Check out the full schedule.

We close the show with the world premiere of Portland Cello Project’s cover of Taylor Swift’s massive hit “Shake It Off.” Nothing will lift your spirits like this song. You can hear the whole cover below.

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