Papi Fimbres, a key figure in Portland's music scene, is moving abroad for a year.

Papi Fimbres, a key figure in Portland’s music scene, is moving abroad for a year.

Christina Belasco/OPB

Today on the show: lots of goodbyes. A writer says goodbye to the New Orleans she used to know. A musical phenom gives Portland a big farewell smooch as he takes off for the continent. And a dancer bids farewell to a measure of safety during a nearly disastrous public rehearsal.

But there are also some hellos! A world premiere, a best new band. Plus, sandwiches.

  • For more than 30 years, PHAME has provided opportunities for adults with developmental disabilities to pursue their passion in the arts, sharing the stage with acts such as Pink Martini and putting on plays like “Bye Bye Birdie” and “Grease.” But their new production, “Up The Fall,” is unlike anything they’ve done before: PHAME commissioned an original, full-length musical from local playwright Debbie Lamedman and singer-songwriter Laura Gibson. It runs Aug. 22–29 at Artists Repertory Theatre.

  • 9:10 - Portland author Ellen Urbani lived through the final years of Guatemala’s horrific civil war — an experience she wrote about in her first book, ‘When I Was Elena.’ She then spent 13 years as an art therapist working with oncology patients and disaster survivors. Both experiences primed her for dealing with trauma in her first novel, ‘Landfall,’ about the days after Hurricane Katrina. (Read our Q&A.) Urbani reads at Powell’s on Aug. 29 at 4 p.m., the 10th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina’s landfall, with Cheryl Strayed.

  • 19:12 - In a city where it seems like everyone plays in five bands, there are few as booked up as Papi Fimbres. He’s a lynchpin in a whopping 23 bands, including Orquestra Pacifico Tropical, Sun Angle, Minden, and Mascaras. And he’s putting them all on hold as he moves to Germany for a year. He told us about his decision to leave – and five things every prospective Portlander needs to know.

    Papi Fimbres still has a few shows left before he jumps the pond. No Lala plays Aug. 22 at Pals Clubhouse, Minden plays Aug. 23 at Irving Park, and Máscaras’ final show is at Mississippi Studios on Aug. 25.

  • 27:22 - Portland is well known for its indie rock and Americana, but that doesn’t mean we can’t still produce a band capable of incinerating a room with driving drums and electric riffs. Divers is one such band. Their live shows are so infamous that they topped Willamette Week’s best new bands poll this year. They stopped by opbmusic to test the sound proofing capability of the OPB studio (you can watch the videos here). Divers play MusicfestNW on Aug. 23 and The Know on Aug. 29.

  • 32:31 - Uncage the Soul Productions has produced all kinds of eye-catchers. You might have seen their sweeping time-lapse videos of Portland and Oregon making the rounds on Facebook and other social media. We talked with the filmmakers in advance of Monday night’s season premiere of “Oregon Lens,” a showcase of homegrown indie film work, which will air three Uncage films.

  • 36:43 - Something went up online this week that caught our eyes. It’s a video of Daniel Giron of 11: Dance Co. dancing on the Portland waterfront when he’s threatened by a man with a sledge hammer. But instead of stopping, Giron rips his shirt off, ups his twirls, and prances right into the Salmon Street Springs Fountain, while his friends go crazy cheering. He and 11’s artistic director, B.B. DeLano, told us about the experience. They’re organizing an event on Aug. 23 from 10 am..–3 p.m. called Take Back The Waterfront, that will include yoga, dance and more.

  • 41:43 - Frank McCourt honed his storytelling skills as a teacher in a vocational high school in New York. He found stories were one way to keep the kids engaged, particularly since he didn’t know how to teach. But it wasn’t until he retired to Ireland 30 years later that he started putting those stories down on paper in memoirs. His first, ‘Angela’s Ashes,’ won the Pulitzer Prize in 1997. McCourt spoke at Portland Arts & Lectures in 2006 shortly after the release of ‘Teacher Man.’ You can listen to the full talk at the Literary Arts’ Archive Project.

Other music today came from Yak Attack, Terrence Blanchard, Devin Phillips and Máscaras. All have shows coming up.