Page 2 from Terry Blas's "You Say Latino" mini-comic.

Page 2 from Terry Blas’s “You Say Latino” mini-comic.

Terry Blas

Our how to episode: how to design a book cover, how to correctly use the terms “Latino” and “Hispanic,” and how to revive your relationship with the arts.

  • 1:06 - This week, members of the nonprofit Business for Culture and the Arts closed up shop. The group’s members worked for nearly 30 years to build bridges between the arts and business communities. But the board and members voted Thursday to dissolve operations, handing over some of its programs to the Regional Arts and Culture Council. We look at what a healthy business/arts relationship might look like.
  • 9:52 - Portland comics artist and illustrator Terry Blas’s dad was born in the U.S. and his mom in Mexico. He used to use the terms “Latino” and “Hispanic” interchangeably, but he doesn’t anymore. This summer, he published a comic called “You Say Latino” on about how he explains his heritage. And it’s been shared over 170,000 times.
  •  14:43 - The son of a professional treasure hunter, Nate Fasold hunts down famous guitars played by the like of Elliott Smith and Kurt Cobain from his shop, Black Book Guitars, on North Mississippi Avenue.
  • 23:06 - Today is a fundraiser (3–6 p.m.) for the next stage in Portland MC Mic Crenshaw’s Afrikan Hip-Hop Caravan. It’s a group made up of hip-hop collectives across the continent, including in Cape Town, Harare, Arusha and Nairobi, that aims to talk about the current state of African hip-hop. Crenshaw tells us about his last caravan trip.
  • 33:17 - Sure, you shouldn’t judge a book by a cover. But don’t tell that to the designers behind some of the excellent and award-winning covers at the local publisher Tin House. They lay out their hands-on process. For photos, head over to our slide show.
    Author Sara Jaffe reads at Powell’s Sept. 2 from her new novel, “Dryland.”
  • 39:43 - The Britt Music and Arts Festival in Jacksonville commissioned a new work about Crater Lake by composer Michael Gordon. Gordon co-founded Bang On A Can, a music festival and collective, and his compositions have been performed around the world by the likes of the Los Angeles Philharmonic and the Kronos Quartet. Think Out Loud’s Dave Miller talked with Gordon about the lakes serenity and violence.