This week: it’s Confessions of the Reluctant Jazz Guy.

Our pal Matt Fleeger of KMHD Jazz Radio turns us on to some new artists and talks about how jazz as a meta-genre — a way to better understand many forms of music.

    •    11:10 - We talk about jazz past, present and future with bassist and composer Chuck Israels, drummer Chris Brown, and drummer and writer Tim DuRoche.
    •    24:40 - Matt shares some of the bands he’s most excited about right now, including Coco Columbia, Grammies1939 Ensemble and Roberto Rodriguez.
    •    30:30 - Record producer Tucker Martine talks about the sonic qualities of jazz recordings, and how he incorporates them into the seminal indie pop records he’s produced as well as Grammy-nominated records for Bill Frissell.
    •    39:25  - Plus Matt shares some picks for the upcoming PDX Jazz Festival.

Matt is one of our favorite guys. In addition to his knowledge of jazz, he’s an avid advocate for visual arts. Fun fact: he knows a ton about skateboard film. And he’s got a broad view of how music works in industry and culture.

Join us for thought-provoking talk and the sweetest of sweet sounds.