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State of Wonder

State of Wonder: Nov. 15, 2014

Warren "Tshishpiah" Montoya, Hard Courage

Warren “Tshishpiah” Montoya, Hard Courage

Courtesy of Native (X)

Getting a little cold out there? Just heat up a cup of cocoa, grab your nearest woolen blanket, and get toasty with this week’s hot brew of arts coverage.

  • 0:00: Intro
  • 1:00: New Portland music venue Revolution Hall will open in February
  • 1:40: Portland Opera shifts to a summer season.
  • 6:30: Cellist-in-residence Nancy Ives brings Oregon Symphony pals Greg Ewer and Joe Berger along for a conversation about innovation and classicism in music. Here’s information about the “Vienna and Prague” program Joe and Greg mentioned. Ever busy, Nancy can be seen with the Oregon Symphony and Fear No Music in the next three weeks.
  • 18:45: Iranian-born comics author Marjane Satrapi remembers her path to her chosen medium.
  • 25:50: Portland musician Laura Gibson moves east to try her hand at short fiction.
  • 29:30: Native American design is featured by Native(X).
  • 33:30: The Confluence Project searches for sounds of Celilo Falls.
  • 36:55: Artists Repertory Theatre helps build a musical from scratch.
  • 42:30: Elizabeth Pitcairn walks us through adventures with The Red Violin.
  • 45:55: Lowriders in Space brings lowrider culture to young adult literature.

It all starts Saturday at noon.

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