Blitzen Trapper frontman Eric Earley

Blitzen Trapper frontman Eric Earley

David Christensen/OPB

Spoiler alert: This week’s State of Wonder includes shocking revelation, ticklish truth, and true-to-life stories of art on the make.

Blitzen Trapper Live
Last week, Blitzen Trapper unleashed its eighth studio album, All Across This Land. After some fascinating swings across genres, the band has delivered 10 songs grounded in the warm, sun-drenched folk-rock that’s always underpinned their sound. Watch their performance in the OPB studio.

"Three Graces", pain on sofa, glazed ceramic, fabric. 2013.

“Three Graces”, pain on sofa, glazed ceramic, fabric. 2013.

April Baer/OPB

The Confessions of Jessica Jackson Hutchins - 8:21
The Portland visual artist talks about works on view in “Confessions,” a  show spanning Reed College’s Cooley Gallery & The Lumber Room. Hutchins’ constructions are full of deliciously subtle ideas about the elasticity of domestic relations, femininity, and the ways life leaves a mark.

Laura Heit on Oregon Art Beat’s Season Premiere - 12:19
A preview: multi-disciplinary artist Laura Heit. Watch for her on the season premiere of Oregon Art Beat. Each work may have the feel of an amuse bouche, but tensions lie just below the surface of her frank, humorous images.

Taking Notes with the St. John’s Scholar - 13:37
Rapper Vinnie DeWayne on his new release. He takes us for a tour around the neighborhood that inspired the record. With a Gates Millenial Scholarship and a business degree under his belt, the St. Johns Scholar is firing up a series of live shows.

Shaking Up Shakespeare - 19:41
No one debates that Shakespeare is one of the greatest writers in the English language. What is debatable is just how much today’s audiences actually understand him. So the Oregon Shakespeare Festival is commissioning 36 dramatists to translate his entire canon into contemporary English. Goodbye, thee’s. Farewell, thou’s.

Exhibiting Edward Curtis - 23:40
A roundtable discussion on the challenges of showing the photographs of Edward Curtis. We’re joined by Dawn Boone of Atelier 6000 and the Portland Art Museum’s Curator of Native American Art, Deana Dartt, and Curator of Photography, Julia Dolan.