This week, we’re diving into the “State of Wonder” archives for one of our favorite guest curators.

Corin Tucker at OPB

Corin Tucker at OPB

Inger Klekacz/OPB

Corin Tucker spent 12 years in the iconic Northwest band Sleater-Kinney. Along with bandmates Carrie Brownstein and Janet Weiss, Tucker rewrote the playbook for what rock could say.

We asked Tucker to look back at the Sleater-Kinney catalog with us, and think about what’s changed since she moved from Olympia down to Portland in 1996.

A few things have changed since this show first published.

Most prominently, Sleater-Kinney has come off of hiatus, releasing the 2015 record, “No Cities To Love,” delighting fans and racking up great reviews. It was received not as a comeback album, but as a continuation of where the band left off. Sleater-Kinney also took part in a Reddit AMA about the reunion.

Portland’s Paris Theatre, the porn screening room we visited on our tour with Tucker, has been reborn yet again as a rock club. Bands play there most nights of the week.

Chanticleer Trü and Drew Grow are both still hanging on, despite the challenging climate for musicians. Chanticleer’s new project, Chanti Darling, just released a new record.

Modern Kin isn’t playing together anymore, but Drew’s latest band, Slang, is something of a supergroup, uniting him with Sleater-Kinney’s Janet Weiss, Kathy Foster (The Thermals), and Anita Lee Elliott (Viva Voce).

Peter Buck, Tucker and Scott McCaughey have continued to play together on and off, solidifying their lineup as Filthy Friends. Scott gave us a big scare last year, suffering a stroke, but he’s recovered, and is still playing around town with the Minus 5 and other projects.

  • 02:40 Welcome Corin
  • 03:27 The Essential 1996 Rock Band’s Guide to Portland
  • 9:37 Ingredients for a Scene - Sources suggested by Corin talk about what made Portland a vital creative scene in the late ‘80s and early ‘90s.
  • 17:25 Change-Up: what’s different for musicians in Portland today
  • 23:00 Chanticleer Trü of Magic Mouth and Drew Grow of Modern Kin on how their bands are making it
  • 30:40 Remastering the Sleater-Kinney catalog
  • 37:05 More with Corin on S-K, then and now
  • 40:35 Peter Buck talks about recent vinyl releases, and working with Corin

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