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State of Wonder

State of Wonder: Nov. 22 2014

Vida Bay: Two Chairs with Yellow Cushions

Vida Bay: Two Chairs with Yellow Cushions

Shirley Gittelsohn

 This week, unexpected finds in visual art, music, and more:

  • 0:00: Intro
  • 1:30: Slim Moon talks about his career transition from punk rock godfather to Unitarian minister.
  • 9:15: Horse Feathers break out with an energetic new record.
  • 20:45: Ursula Le Guin tears into the publishing industry at the National Book Awards
  • 24:45: Margaret Atwood reflects on writing women in fiction after second-wave feminism.
  • 35:30: Las Cafeteras conducts a clinic at Portland State fusing politics with Son Jarocho sounds.
  • 40:05: David Ackerman gets on the bad side of Charles Mingus…then back on his good side again.
  • 47:40: The Oregon Jewish Museum exhibits Shirley Gittelsohn’s paintings of people and places.

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