Delia Paine in her Bend studio, cutting graphics.

Delia Paine in her Bend studio, cutting graphics.

April Baer/OPB

It’s been one of those weeks when we almost got lost in the sheer enjoyment of the prep. Summer jams with the Summer Cannibals, an exhibition in Bend that celebrates art for the people, a new film that reimagines homeless young people as today’s Lost Boys and comics, comics, comics!

Comic Books For All - 1:10

Portland has a new comic book shop, officially open for business. Books With Pictures is a cozy storefront in Southeast Portland with a mission to be Portland’s most welcoming comic book shop for the people outside the industry’s marketing plan — the LGTBQ community, families, women, people of color —  complete with gender neutral restrooms and comics with female protagonists and protagonists of color.

Excalibur Books & Comics: A Personal History - 7:10

Of course, it’s not an entirely new thing to have women running comic book stores. We also stop in and chat with Debbie Smith, the co-owner of Excalibur Books & Comics (her parents opened it 42 years ago).

David Christensen/opbmusic

Summer Cannibals Barrel Us Into Summer With Addictive Poppy Punk - 11:40

Summer Cannibals are a hard rocking punk band in an acoustic-loving town, and their lyrics and videos play sardonically on the anger and angst of this modern life. The band just wrapped up a national tour with Portland’s elder statespeople of punk, the Thermals, and stopped by the OPB studio to play a few songs from their new album, “Full of It.”

Watch opbmusic’s videos of the band’s performance.

For the National Music Centre in Calgary, Cloepfil knew he had to build a five-story building and bridge over a road and a dilapidated jazz club.

For the National Music Centre in Calgary, Cloepfil knew he had to build a five-story building and bridge over a road and a dilapidated jazz club.

Courtesy of Allied Works Architecture, Rendering by Mir

Architect Brad Cloepfil On The State Of Portland Architecture (And His Amazing National Music Centre) - 20:31

Last week we took a stroll through the Portland Art Museum’s new exhibition, “Case Work,” with architect Brad Cloepfil. The show features the sketches and sculptural concept models of Cloepfil’s firm, Allied Works, that offer an inside glimpse to the ceaseless, inquisitive, creative process behind some very complex buildings. This week we bring you more of that conversation, moving from his current slate of projects to the state of Portland’s building boom.

Listen to our full interview and see a slide show of Cloepfil’s buildings and models.

The Lost Boys Of Portlandia - 31:12

This week, a group of homeless youth debuted a film that takes an iconic childhood story and puts it in the gutter — literally. Called “The Lost Boys of Portlandia,” it uses the story of Peter Pan as a vehicle to tell their story.

The Benefits of Gusbandry - 36:20

Portland-based photographer and director Alicia J. Rose finds something magical about the relationship between a woman and her gusband (that’s short for gay husband) — a modern relationship she plumbs to hilarious effect in her new webseries, “The Benefits of Gusbandry.” “Entertainment Weekly” recently put the series on their Must List and the New York Times wrote that the season finale was a “delirious, 16-minute masterpiece of pretension puncturing.” Think Out Loud’s Dave Miller talked with Rose and co-creator Courtenay Hameister just as their national spotlight was heating up. You can hear the full conversation here, and if social binge-watching sounds fun, check out the screening of season 1 at the Clinton Theater on June 11 for a Pride kickoff.

"The Shapes Project" by Allan McCollum and Delia Paine at the High Desert Museum is made up of 6,000 buttons.

“The Shapes Project” by Allan McCollum and Delia Paine at the High Desert Museum is made up of 6,000 buttons.

Todd Cary/Courtesy of the High Desert Museum

WPA At The High Desert Museum - 44:22

The High Desert Museum has a very interesting exhibition on through Oct. 2: “Art for a Nation” tells the story of creative projects in the Works Progress Administration. In addition to historic works of art, the museum commissioned three new works in the spirit of the WPA by contemporary artists, including Allan McCollum, who shows around the world at prestigious places like MOMA, the Guggenheim and the Whitney. For the show, he teamed up with one of Bend’s busiest makers, Delia Paine. This is the story of their collaboration.