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What Makes Wes Anderson So Andersonian?

Margot Tennenbaum steps off a Green Line bus in an orange fur coat, hair blowing, and walks in super slow motion toward her brother Richie, as Nico’s “These Days” plays in the background.

This scene from Wes Anderson’s “Royal Tenenbaums,” is classic Anderson: the slow motion, the vintage soundtrack, the popping visuals. It’s a style he’s honed over eight films, including Rushmore, Fantastic Mr. Fox, and, most recently, The Grand Budapest Hotel.

Portland’s Northwest Film Center is looking into what makes an Anderson film Andersonian, but they’re taking the long view. Starting this weekend, and running through August, they’re playing not only Anderson’s films, but also the movies that were Andersonian before there was Anderson.

Tune in Saturday to hear what’s on the roster and how Wes Anderson became Wes Anderson.

You can see the full schedule for NW Film Center’s Wes’s World seires on their website.

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