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What's an Uncut Forest Worth?

OPB | Broadcast: July 31, 2008

Oregon's standing forests and the global carbon market.

Teen Dating Abuse

OPB | Broadcast: July 30, 2008

What do you know about teen dating violence?

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Fishing for Clarity

OPB | Broadcast: July 29, 2008

What does the health of one salmon species have to do with another?

Hynix To Shut Down

OPB | Broadcast: July 28, 2008

Are you worried about losing your job?

Open Source City

OPB | Broadcast: July 25, 2008

What's the state of the open source movement today, and where is it going?

Capping Carbon in the Northwest

OPB | Broadcast: July 24, 2008

What effect can a regional policy have on a global issue like climate change?

Fort Lawton

OPB | Broadcast: July 23, 2008

How should society repay the families of wrongfully convicted soldiers?

Jury Deliberations

OPB | Broadcast: July 22, 2008

Oregon is one of two states that does not require unanimous juries for all criminal offenses. Should it stay that way?

No Doctor In the House

OPB | Broadcast: July 21, 2008

How is Oregon's doctor shortage impacting you?

As We Are: Ex-Convicts

OPB | Broadcast: July 18, 2008

What questions do you have for people who have spent part of their lives behind bars?

Plant Power

OPB | Broadcast: July 17, 2008

How do you decide what kind of fuel to use?

(Not) On a Jet Plane

OPB | Broadcast: July 16, 2008

How will airline cutbacks impact the way you travel?

Mind Your Manners

OPB | Broadcast: July 15, 2008

How do you decide when to correct a stranger's behavior?

Blasting In The Dark

OPB | Broadcast: July 14, 2008

How should the U.S. react to Iranian missile testing?

Faith in the Northwest

OPB | Broadcast: July 11, 2008

How does living in the northwest affect the way you express your religious beliefs?

Summer Struggles

OPB | Broadcast: July 10, 2008

How do low-income families deal with the unique challenges that summer presents?

Measure 49 - How's that working out for you?

OPB | Broadcast: July 9, 2008

How's Measure 49 working out for you?

Fueling Rural Oregon

OPB | Broadcast: July 8, 2008

Will rising fuel costs eventually force people out of rural areas?

Homespun Politics

OPB | Broadcast: July 7, 2008

What keeps you up at night?

Hurrah for the Red, White and Blue

OPB | Broadcast: July 4, 2008

When you do feel patriotic -- and how do you show it?

Living with PTSD

OPB | Broadcast: July 3, 2008

Should we stop fireworks on The Fourth to help people with PTSD?

Printed Matters

OPB | Broadcast: July 2, 2008

What accounts for the growth disparity among print media sources?

Borrowers and Lenders Be

OPB | Broadcast: July 1, 2008

Have lending practices tightened too much... or not enough?

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