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Junction City Hospital | Climate Change Lawsuit | Bilingual Education

We learn about bilingual education, the possible fate of the Junction City psychiatric facility and a climate-change lawsuit brought against the Obama administration.

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Bringing Refugees To Oregon | Soviet Diaspora: Education | Talking Business

We'll talk to two faith leaders from Eugene who are working to bring refugees to Oregon. We'll continue our series on this state's Soviet diaspora with a conversation about education. And we'll catch up on the latest regional business news.

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What's Next For Education Reform In Oregon?

Oregon Gov. Kate Brown announced Monday that the state's chief education officer, Nancy Golden, is retiring.

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Gert Boyle | Sea Urchins | Sex Education

Kelp and other marine life are overwhelmed with purple sea urchins taking over the West Coast. The Hillsboro School District adds new topics to their sex education program, but some parents aren't happy with the changes. And we remember Columbia Sportswear's longtime chairwoman Gert Boyle.

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Oregon Education Audit | News Roundtable | Kid Governors

An Oregon education audit reveals big problems. The incoming and outgoing kid governors tell us about their agendas. Also, we get opinions and analysis on some of the biggest stories of the week.

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News Roundtable | Education And Trauma | Timbers

The news roundtable gives us opinions and analysis on this week's news. What can schools do to help kids who have experienced trauma at home? And tomorrow the Timbers will try to become league champions.

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Education On The Ballot | Airplane Living

We visit Bruce Campbell, who has made a home inside an airplane outside of Hillsboro. And we'll learn about the education issues on the Portland ballot for next week's election.

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Life In A Town For Sale | Education Goals In The Oregon Legislature | Prison Lockdown | Oregon Dept. Of Energy

A small town in Southern Oregon is for sale. What are the legislature's statewide education goals? How does the Oregon Dept. of Corrections handle riots? An overhaul of the state Department of Energy is being proposed.

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SCOTUS Ruling On Special Education | Right 2 Dream Too | Japanese Internment & Resistance

We learn what a recent SCOTUS ruling means for students with disabilities, what's next for a Portland homeless camp, and how Oregonians fought against discrimination during WWII.

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U of O Education Expert Takes On China

The University of Oregon education professor Yong Zhao's latest book, "Who's Afraid of the Big, Bad Dragon?" is a critique of the Chinese education system.

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Oregon Education Officials Offer Relief To Snow-Battered Schools

Oregon school districts have canceled as many as 13 days due to snow. State officials may let schools off the hook for two.

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Hundreds Gather In Portland To Protest DeVos Nomination For Education Secretary

A couple hundred people gathered in downtown Portland Friday to protest the nomination of Betsy DeVos as U.S. Education Secretary.

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African Student Came For An Education — Not This Kind

We're asking people in the Pacific Northwest to talk about how race impacts their day-to-day lives. We talked to a Muslim immigrant from West Africa who says she is routinely harassed because of her head scarf. 

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Education Work Group Finds State Tests 'Valid,' But Not Helpful To Students

A work group report out Wednesday finds Smarter Balanced is a "valid" exam, but needs support, if students are to reach achievement goals.

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Gov. Brown Would Prioritize Education Programs If Measure 97 Fails

Gov. Kate Brown pointed to early childhood, K-12 programs and higher education as places she'd want to maintain funding if a corporate tax she supports fails at the ballot.

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Oregon Secretary Of State's Race Offers Lesson In Civics Education

The secretary of state is the Swiss Army knife of Oregon government. It supervises seven divisions — from audits to archives, corporations to elections. What's that got to do with civics education?

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BRAVO Youth Orchestras, Combining Social Change with Music Education

Highlights from a new story coming to Oregon Art Beat Fall 2016. An in-depth look at BRAVO Youth Orchestras and their work with underserved children at elementary schools around Portland, Oregon. This intense orchestral instruction builds community through music and important social skills in listening, team building and respect for each other.        Producer & Editor Emily Hamilton, Videographer Eric Slade

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Outdoor School Initiative Could Make 3 Education Measures On Oregon Fall Ballot

Supporters of the Outdoor School For All campaign submitted more than 120,000 signatures to the Oregon Secretary of State on Thursday.

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Gov. Brown Names Eugene Superintendent Education Innovation Officer

Gov. Kate Brown tapped Colt Gill, superintendent of Eugene's Bethel School District, as the state's Education Innovation Officer on Thursday.

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Beaverton Schools Settle Special Education Civil Rights Complaint

Beaverton school officials have settled a civil rights complaint involving lost instructional time for special needs students.

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