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Gert Boyle | Sea Urchins | Sex Education

Kelp and other marine life are overwhelmed with purple sea urchins taking over the West Coast. The Hillsboro School District adds new topics to their sex education program, but some parents aren't happy with the changes. And we remember Columbia Sportswear's longtime chairwoman Gert Boyle.

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Oregon Education Audit | News Roundtable | Kid Governors

An Oregon education audit reveals big problems. The incoming and outgoing kid governors tell us about their agendas. Also, we get opinions and analysis on some of the biggest stories of the week.

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News Roundtable | Education And Trauma | Timbers

The news roundtable gives us opinions and analysis on this week's news. What can schools do to help kids who have experienced trauma at home? And tomorrow the Timbers will try to become league champions.

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Bringing Refugees To Oregon | Soviet Diaspora: Education | Talking Business

We'll talk to two faith leaders from Eugene who are working to bring refugees to Oregon. We'll continue our series on this state's Soviet diaspora with a conversation about education. And we'll catch up on the latest regional business news.

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What's Next For Education Reform In Oregon?

Oregon Gov. Kate Brown announced Monday that the state's chief education officer, Nancy Golden, is retiring.

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Life In A Town For Sale | Education Goals In The Oregon Legislature | Prison Lockdown | Oregon Dept. Of Energy

A small town in Southern Oregon is for sale. What are the legislature's statewide education goals? How does the Oregon Dept. of Corrections handle riots? An overhaul of the state Department of Energy is being proposed.

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Education On The Ballot | Airplane Living

We visit Bruce Campbell, who has made a home inside an airplane outside of Hillsboro. And we'll learn about the education issues on the Portland ballot for next week's election.

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SCOTUS Ruling On Special Education | Right 2 Dream Too | Japanese Internment & Resistance

We learn what a recent SCOTUS ruling means for students with disabilities, what's next for a Portland homeless camp, and how Oregonians fought against discrimination during WWII.

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Junction City Hospital | Climate Change Lawsuit | Bilingual Education

We learn about bilingual education, the possible fate of the Junction City psychiatric facility and a climate-change lawsuit brought against the Obama administration.

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Princeton President Says Elite Higher Education Is Good Value

Chris Eisgruber is visiting Oregon, where he went to middle and high school, to meet with alumni and talk about the value of higher education.

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Battle Ground High Schools Will No Longer Teach Sexual Education Effective Immediately

Responding to parents’ concern, a motion was made at Monday’s board meeting to end the policy of teaching sex education entirely. The board members came down 3-2 in favor of scrapping the requirement.

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Pass The Mic Brings Music Education To Immigrant Youth In Portland

Pass the Mic is a free weeklong music camp that connects experienced local musicians to immigrant and refugee youth in Portland, mentoring them into learning instruments and writing original songs.

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Facing Officer Shortage, Portland Proposes New Standards For Beards, Tattoos - And Education

The Portland Police Bureau is lowering its education standards for officers and may change its grooming policy - to deal with a shortage of officers.

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Oregon Governor Signs Billion-Dollar Education Bill On 1st Day Of School

Jefferson High School freshmen kicked off the new school year with a visit from the Gov. Kate Brown, who signed the billion-dollar Student Success Act for the occasion.

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Oregon Teachers Prepare For New Holocaust And Genocide Education Curriculum Requirements

A new Oregon law requires all students to learn about the Holocaust and other genocides. To help teachers develop lessons, Oregon State University hosted an event for school districts around the state.

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Oregon Schools Struggling To Meet Special Education Priorities

The latest special education report card finds many Oregon schools struggling to avoid disproportionate punishments against students with disabilities and to ensure those students earn diplomas.

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'OPB Politics Now:' A Big Business Tax To Help Education

The Oregon House this week approved billions of dollars in new business taxes that would help fund education in the state.

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Supporters Of $1B Oregon Education Plan Bring Wish Lists To Hearing

Early childhood advocates, supporters of increased mental health resources, students calling for smaller class sizes all urged support for the billion dollar plan to support K-12 schools.

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Gov. Kate Brown Demands Big Educational And Environmental Changes

For the first time in her tenure, Gov. Kate Brown has a full four-year term stretching ahead of her — and the State of the State address she gave Monday reflected an ambitious agenda from raising billions to stabilize the state’s public schools to curbing carbon emissions.

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Audit: Many Problems At PPS, Oregon Department Of Education

The Oregon Secretary of State’s audit suggests that as legislators consider significant new investments in public schools, they should look hard at current spending patterns and student outcomes. 

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