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Washington Elections Recap | Vietnamese Nail Salon | Coffee

We talk about Washington state's recent election. Plus, a documentary filmmaker on why nail salon workers are overwhelmingly Vietnamese. A nonprofit wants to make the coffee industry better for workers and consumers.

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Elections Preview | Walden | Child Abuse Hotline | Talking About Race

What's on the ballot? Greg Walden won't be running for election. A new child abuse hotline faces challenges. And a conversation series about race takes place in Oregon City Public Library.

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Women Of Color Are Winning More Elections In Oregon. 4 Leaders Discuss What That Means.

Four Portland metro-area leaders discuss what it means to have more women of color winning elections and holding power in government.

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Moral Therapy | Gates Elections | Mental Health | Rugby

Cognitive behavioral therapy comes to the federal justice system. No one is running to fill empty elected seats in Gates, Oregon. And an OHSU nursing student will play on the national rugby team.

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Washington Elections | North Korea | Forest Work

Washington state's election results are in. Also, we'll learn about North Korea from a journalist who's been there. And the changing nature of forest work.

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Opening Statements In Trial | Soccer Playoffs | Rising Portland Traffic Deaths | Public Financing For Portland Elections

We find out why traffic deaths are rising in Portland despite efforts to reverse the trend, and we learn more about a new proposed system of publicly financed elections in the city.

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The Occupation Effect | Endorsement Roundtable | Voter Vox

We check in on how Harney County elections are being affected by the armed occupation there earlier this year. Then we talk with regional newspaper editors who defend their endorsements in Oregon’s May 17 primary election.  We round out the hour by hearing directly from voters about who they're voting for.

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Umatilla Elections Bring New Faces To Tribes' Board

On Tuesday, four new members were elected to the nine-person board of the Confederated Tribes of the Umatilla Indian Reservation.

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National Republican Group Targets Oregon Elections

The Republican State Leadership Committee has targeted Oregon's legislative races in the next election cycle.

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What's On May Ballots Around Oregon

On May 19, voters will weigh in on school board elections, bond measures, and public safety funding.

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Trump Repeats Unfounded Claims About Mail-In Voting, Threatens Funding To 2 States

Elections are run by state and local governments and it's unclear what legal means the president would have to withhold funds from the states.

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Oregon Elections Officials Scrambled To Avoid COVID-19 Problems In Tuesday's Primary

Ballot counting in Tuesday's Oregon primary could be slower because county elections offices are forced to operate with smaller staffs to provide social distancing.

How Do Elections Work In A Pandemic?

What needs to be done now to ensure all Americans can safely vote in November and trust the results?


Supreme Court Considers Pivotal Electoral College Case

At issue is whether states have the power to remove or fine so-called faithless electors. The case could affect not only the 2020 election but all future presidential elections. Listen live.

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The View From A Swing County: Tillamook Voters Weigh In On Coming Elections

A Tillamook dairy farmer struggles with the economic fallout from the coronavirus, but he doesn't blame President Donald Trump. Others think the president will get voted out this November. 

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New York Cancels Presidential Primary Election, Angering Sanders Supporters

State elections officials canceled New York's Democratic presidential primary amid concerns over the coronavirus pandemic, a move that supporters of Sen. Bernie Sanders strongly oppose.

Getting On The Ballot During Coronavirus Crisis

The coronavirus pandemic has disrupted elections across the country.

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Oregon Democratic Secretary Of State Race Could Be 2020's Most Competitive Primary

Not only does Oregon’s secretary of state oversee elections, auditing, and business registry, it is first in line to assume the governorship if the elected governor leaves office or is incapacitated. Here are the candidates. 

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Israel's Netanyahu Wins Bid To Remain As Prime Minister In Deal With Election Rival

The right-wing leader would stay in office until October 2021, when the role would pass to centrist Benny Gantz. The agreement is set to break the deadlock Israel has faced over three elections.

'OPB Politics Now': Campaigning From A Distance

It’s hard for unknown candidates to win elections in normal times. But how about when the only way to campaign is at a distance? 

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