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a href=””>Scott Peterson grew up traveling along the Columbia Gorge between Portland and his grandparent’s home in The Dalles. He’d stare out the window at the gorgeous scenery and think about exploring the woods and rocks around him. So it didn’t actually come as too much of a surprise that many years later, at age 42, he got hooked on rock climbing.

At age 49 he decided he was really ready for an adventure — ready to take on something that he could write about, and be inspired by, so he challenged himself to really climb the gorge. After much thinking and preparing he decided to do 100 climbs in 100 days along 100 miles. His adventure spanned from milepost 18 in Troutdale to milepost 118 just past the John Day river. He began on October 15th and finishes this Sunday, January 22nd. Peterson tracked his adventure as a community blogger on Oregonlive. We’ll talk to him on the morning after his last climb.

Have you climbed along the gorge? What was your favorite, or most challenging, climb? Have you set a goal for yourself that you didn’t know if you’d be able to accomplish? What was it? Did you do it to completion?

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