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The $100 Startup

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Chris Guillebeau is, in a word, ambitious. He’s traveled to 183 countries and gained quite a following through his creative marketing strategies and his knack for turning dreams and ideas into dependable income. And he’s not yet 35 years old. Guillebeau refers to his supporters as “a small army of remarkable people,” and their numbers appear to be growing. Last year, Guillebeau organized a gathering in Portland called the World Domination Summit. The second one — scheduled for July — sold out of its 1000 tickets months ago.

Guillebeau’s latest accomplishment is his book called The $100 Startup. In his travels around the globe, he met 1500 people who, like him, have been able to make a good living from their own creative ideas. According to Guillebeau, this kind of achievement doesn’t require a whole lot of capital; many of the people he met were able to start their projects for about $100. With chapter titles such as “Hustling: The Gentle Art of Self-Promotion,” Guillebeau’s book draws on these stories about people who are doing what they love for a living and provides a guide for readers who might want to do the same.

Are you a fan of Chris Guillebeau? Have you read his books? Have you started your own business? What worked for you? What didn’t? Could you have done it with $100? Have you ever thought about how to make your creative side-project into your job?


  • Chris Guillebeau: Author of The $100 Startup and other books
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