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The 100 Thing Challenge

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Towards the end of our segment on tiny houses, our guest Tammy Strobel mentioned another inspiration for her minimalist lifestyle: The 100 Thing Challenge. Dave Bruno came up with the challenge after feeling overwhelmed by all the stuff he and his family had in their house, even after a thorough cleanup effort. The idea caught on and Dave ended up writing a book about how he got rid of all but 100 of his possessions. In the two years since he completed the project, he’s accumulated a few extra things and now he says he owns about 130 things (but he’s not counting his wife or daughters’ stuff in that list).

Plenty of other aspiring minimalists have taken up the challenge and others have put their own spin on it, such as getting rid of 100 things.

Have you taken the 100 Thing Challenge or done a similar purge? What was hardest to let go of? Did you have any regrets? What makes you hold onto stuff you don’t use?

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