A ponderosa pine bonsai created by Ryan Neil

A ponderosa pine bonsai created by Ryan Neil

Photo courtesy Portland Japanese Garden

  • Portland Police Association President Daryl Turner and a member of the Community Oversight Advisory Board discuss the requirement that officers must be given at least 48 hours notice before being interviewed for an internal investigation into an incident that could lead to disciplinary action.
  • OPB’s Kristian Foden-Vencil gives us the latest on the Oregon death penalty moratorium and tells us about where the Gary Haugen case stands. Law professor Aliza Kaplan tells us how Oregon compares to the rest of the nation, and how the US Supreme Court has “narrowed” the death penalty recently.
  • Ryan Neil is an American bonsai master. He explains how the ancient Japanese art form translates to U.S. style, and walks us through an exhibit of his work currently up at the Portland Japanese Garden. View a slideshow of Neil’s work below:

The goal of Bonsai Mirai and the Artisans Cup at the Portland Art Museum: to update bonsai for a new, distinctly American generation.