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'50 Feet From Syria' Highlights Personal Journey And Global Crisis

Portland orthopedic surgeon Hisham Bismar's humanitarian efforts are documented in the new film "50 Feet From Syria."

Portland orthopedic surgeon Hisham Bismar’s humanitarian efforts are documented in the new film “50 Feet From Syria.”

Courtesy of Skye Fitzgerald

Portland orthopedic surgeon Hisham Bismar was raised in Syria and still had family in the country until the civil unrest began in 2011. He hadn’t been back though to the country since 2011, but he was moved to action by the loss of life and the devastating results of the ongoing conflict. It’s almost too much to fathom — 250,000 people have been killed. About half of the population of the country is displaced, with about four million refugees streaming into neighboring Turkey and other countries.

Bismar took his professional services to a hospital in Turkey where wounded people made their way across the border for a chance to get much needed surgical care. Portland filmmaker Skye Fitzgerald followed him on his journey. The 39 minute film ‘50 Feet From Syria‘ premieres Thursday night at the Northwest Film Center. 


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