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6 Conversation Starters For This Weekend

Alan Sylvestre/OPB

What are you doing this weekend? Are you going on a date? Going to the beach with your kids? Rollerblading with your pastor? Laying in bed pondering existential truths? Whatever it is, Think Out Loud has you covered.

This week Think Out Loud talked with a sports reporter, several farmers, a firefighter, a young woman who just signed up for the National Guard and many others.

Here are a few Think Out Loud talking points that’ll help you get a conversation started, break those awkward silences or even keep you awake at 3 AM.


When you need a comment at a sports bar about Lamarcus Aldridge’s big move …

– Jason Quick on Monday July 6


Ever wonder what doctors, midwives and nurses are thinking while you give birth?

– Carol Howe on Friday July 10


Show off your knowledge of how to pick the perfect watermelon. It begins with tapping…

– Bob Walchli on Thursday July 9


Thinking of taking the plunge with your sweetie? This woman has been married for 50 years and has some advice…

– Beverly Flint on Tuesday, Jul. 7


Is that next step in your life keeping you up at night? The answer might be in the difference between being afraid, and being scared…

– Mackenzie Clarke on Wednesday, Jul. 8


When you are tired of your Facebook friends complaining about the heat…

– Kirk Ausland on Tuesday, Jul. 7

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