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Live from Haines: Ranching Roundtable

Pete Springer/OPB

Ranching has been a way of life in many parts of Oregon for generations. In the next part of our Rural Economy Project we’ll travel to eastern Oregon to explore the realities of ranching there — an area where some ranch land has been passed down through families for generations.

Success in ranching, like farming, depends a lot on weather conditions and market demands. Many ranchers will tell you that the price of production has risen as ranching equipment has gotten more advanced. Yet, the price of beef has not kept pace with those costs. As ranching operations have become leaner, many ranchers have taken second jobs off the ranch to make ends meet. Some have held onto their acreage but let go of employees. Others have even had to sell their land and quit ranching altogether.

Do you ranch? Does your family? What has changed the most for you in the last decade? How has the recession affected you?

Do you buy beef from Oregon ranches? Are there other ways that ranching touches your life?

Note: This show will be broadcast live from Schoeningh Ranch in Haines, Oregon. 


  • George Chandler: Co-owner of Chandler Herefords Inc.
  • Mike Schoeningh: Co-owner of Schoeningh Ranch
  • Debby Schoeningh: Co-owner of Schoeningh Ranch and editor of The Record Courier 
  • Diane Snyder: Grew up on the Daggett Ranch, which was sold in 2008
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