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Washougal Discusses Abortion And Community Center Funding

Last week an article came out in The Columbian that caused a bit of a stir in the City of Washougal.  The headline read: “Social services agency’s funding could be cut in Washougal: 2 councilors want to end nonprofit’s subsidy because of potential referrals to abortion providers.”

Connie Jo Freeman is one of the councilors who is against abortion and who was considering voting against a $7,500 subsidy to East County Family Resource Center. However, she didn’t believe that that her vote would mean the agency would be shuttered. So after she read the article in The Columbian, she called the interim director of the Family Resource Center and then headed over for a tour.

Over the last week, Freeman says she’s come to understand and respect the agency. While she is still concerned that one of their referral brochures includes Planned Parenthood, she now wants to “become a friend” of agency and stay more closely connected to what they do.

The City Council votes tonight (Monday) on the subsidy. Freeman says she no longer plans to vote against it.

Have you ever supported something you had moral or philosophical issues with? How did you deal with the situation?

Update Tuesday December 3: The Washougal vote on the subsidy to the East County Family Resources Center was postponed until Monday, December 9.

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