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  • Terry Houghton died while living on the street in Portland. Now, seven years after his death, his artwork and poetry will be displayed at Street Roots. Houghton’s friend, Portland artist Carola Penn, stored his artwork in her home. She tells us about Houghton, and what she wants people to know about his work.



  • Oregon lawmakers are considering a proposal that could lead to in-home visits from a health professional for all new parents. The idea was part of Gov. Kate Brown’s budget proposal, and the bipartisan bill that’s currently being proposed would direct the Oregon Health Authority to study a program that offers up to three home visits for families with newborns, starting when the babies are 3 weeks old. We’ll hear from one of the co-sponsors, State Senator Elizabeth Steiner Hayward (D-Beaverton) and Cate Wilcox, who oversees maternal and child health at the Oregon Public Health Division, and ask why this idea is controversial in some communities.

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