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Addicts Trained To Administer A Drug That Can Reverse Opiate Overdoses

For years, medical personnel have used naloxone, also known by the brand name Narcan, to revive patients who have overdosed on heroin or other opiates. Now, parents, counselors, and even other addicts can be trained to administer naloxone in Oregon.

Since a new law went into effect this summer, more than 400 people have been trained to administer naloxone, according to Portland-based social service organization Outside In. The new law also says a person who has been trained to administer naloxone is immune from civil liability. Outside In runs a needle exchange program and has focused on training addicts to administer naloxone, since they are most likely to be present when an overdoes occurs.

Have you, or someone you know, ever had an opiate addiction? Do you have experience with naloxone?

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