Portland City Hall

Portland City Hall

Kathryn Boyd-Batstone/OPB

  • The quartet Mousai REMIX gives a concert this week featuring the work of black classical composers. Viola player Jennifer Arnold, cellist Marilyn de Oliveira and violists Emily Cole and Shin-young Kwon join us.
  • The City Club of Portland says big changes are needed in the city’s unique commission form of government, and the way Portlanders elect their representatives. No other U.S. city of its size governs this way, and the population has tripled since the early 1900s when the commission form of government was adopted. The City Club spent the better part of 18 months evaluating how the system serves the public, in terms of equity and efficiency. On both counts, the report says, it comes up very short. We get the details from City Club executive director Julia Meier, and a member of the volunteer research team, Portland lawyer Sarah Carlin Ames.

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