The Interstate 5 bridge.

The Interstate 5 bridge.

  • The Columbia River Crossing project died after failing to gain the support of Washington legislators in 2013, but now lawmakers in Washington are pushing for a bill that would reexamine the issue of replacing the I-5 bridge between Portland and Vancouver. Rep. Paul Harris, R-Vancouver, and Rep. Liz Pike, R-Camas, joins us to discuss the bill.
  • According to a budget memo obtained by the Washington Post, The Trump administration is considering drastic cuts to the NOAA budget, including defunding the Sea Grant program. The director of Oregon Sea Grant, Shelby Walker, tells us what that would mean for Oregon, along with the director of Lincoln County’s planning department, Onno Husing, and former extension agent, Ginny Goblirsch.
  • Two Portland law firms have jointly filed a lawsuit against Airbnb, alleging that the company’s policies are discriminatory against African American Oregonians. Lawyer Nick Kahl and Airbnb senior advisor Laura Murphy join us.

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