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What statement does time-based art make?

If you’re interested in the arts and live in the Portland area, chances are you’ve heard of the Time-Based Art Festival. Started in 2003 by the Portland Institute for Contemporary Art (PICA), the festival incorporates performances and displays of theater, dance, music, performance art, and visual art from all over the world.

But five years into the festival, is the definition of “time-based art” any more clear? In an overview of TBA on the PICA website, guest artistic director Mark Russell explains that “This is a festival that takes its shirt off…. This is a festival about joy. This is an international festival. This is an international festival with a local flavor. This is a festival that could only happen in the city it happens in.” “This festival,” he declares, “makes a statement.”

So, what statement does TBA make? And how does an artist’s work reflect the concepts of time-based art? What makes TBA 2008 different from other years of the festival? Mark Russell will be joining us to answer these questions, along with two artists from different mediums whose work is featured in TBA 2008.

Do you create time-based art? Have you attended any of this year’s performances or events? What do you make of PICA’s festival?

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