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Allie Brosh And Her Hyperbole And A Half

This is Allie Brosh when she’s happy. Well, it’s how she draws herself in her comic blog, Hyperbole and a half. She says that “squiggly, absurd thing,” better reflects who she is inside than if she were to draw herself more realistically. And of course, it’s funnier. On the other hand, when she draws dogs, they’re more true-to-life.

The blog translates various parts of her life into comic form. She focuses on childhood events, battles with spiders and sometimes her ongoing struggle with depression. Here’s the link to the story she started to tell at the end of the show about having to have a rogue tooth removed on the same day as a friend’s birthday party and trying to convince her mom to take her to the party afterwards.

 Now for the first time, Allie Brosh has published a book. Hyperbole And A Half, the book, is part essay, part memoir, part illustrated takes on every day life.

Are you a Hyperbole and a Half reader? What questions do you have for Bend-based author Allie Brosh?

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