Smoke from Chetco Bar Fire obscures view of Highway 101 from Brookings Harbor.

Smoke from Chetco Bar Fire obscures view of Highway 101 from Brookings Harbor.

Jes Burns, OPB/EarthFix



  • “Go back to California!” is a refrain commonly heard in Portland, with Californian transplants often blamed for the city’s growing pains and rising costs. But Willamette Week contributor Crystal Contreras, in a series of columns, argues that Portland’s anti-California hate can be viewed as a kind of nativism and xenophobia.



  • The Chetco Bar Fire rages on in southwest Oregon, but some people are starting to come home as evacuation orders begin to be lifted. Lori Steele, a classified ad sales rep for the Curry Coastal Pilot, was one of thousands forced to leave their homes as the fire burned out of control. She joins us to talk about her experience leaving her home for the Chetco Bar Fire, and how it compared to a previous evacuation during the 2002 Biscuit Fire.



  • We hear from high school students on the constitution teams at Portland Public Schools about their thoughts on the legal and ethical issues surrounding the teenager suspected of starting the Eagle Creek Fire. The students joining us are Griffin Jourda from Cleveland High School, Natalie Wang from Lincoln High School, Lucy Shadburne from Franklin High School and Fred Kerr from Grant High School.

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