Rebecca Alexander is starting an app called AllGo to help plus-sized people rate businesses. 

Rebecca Alexander is starting an app called AllGo to help plus-sized people rate businesses. 

courtesy of Rebecca Alexander



  • The US Forest Service has released a plan for salvage logging in the aftermath of the Chetco Bar fire in Southwestern Oregon. Of the 191,000 acres burned, 4,000 acres will be opened to salvage logging. Craig Trulock, Deputy Forest Supervisor for the Rogue River-Siskiyou National Forest, tells us about the plan.



  • Rebecca Alexander has created an app to help alleviate the anxiety she and other larger-than-average people feel when navigating public spaces that are new to them. Alexander explains that she often tries to investigate a restaurant or venue ahead of time to find out if the seating options will accommodate her body. The AllGo app will make this information easier to find by allowing users to rate businesses based on comfort and accessibility for plus-sized bodies.



  • The Oregon Supreme Court ruled in 2014 that animals can be considered crime victims in animal cruelty cases. Now, a new case before a lower court will take up whether animals can also sue for damages in civil lawsuits. Director of the Animal Law Clinic at Lewis & Clark Law School Kathy Hessler joins us to talk about the implications of this case.

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