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Application Brings Nestlé One Step Closer To Oregon

The East Wind Drive-In in Cascade Locks, Oregon. 

The East Wind Drive-In in Cascade Locks, Oregon. 

Photo by Tim Roth

Earlier this month, the Cascade Locks City Council voted to approve  a key step in the process of opening of a proposed Nestlé water bottling plant. The unanimous decision is the latest development in a six-year-long effort to bring the multinational company to the Columbia River Gorge. Environmental groups claim Nestlé will misuse Oregon’s public water supply, but local residents are eager to combat the city’s 16 percent unemployment rate with the 50 jobs (pdf) the plant is projected to provide. The council vote approved a water rights application, which is estimated to cut Nestlé’s wait time in half.

Do you live in Cascade Locks? Would you like to see Nestlé open a bottling plant in Oregon?  


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