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Are Hip-Hop Shows Targeted By Portland Police?

This past weekend, after Portland police showed up to a hip-hop show at Blue Monk, MC Illmaculate (aka Gregory Poe) tweeted,

The police report says that two officers and the fire marshal came to the club “when we heard they were having a publicized concert.” Later in the report, it says more officers were called to the scene because “There was a concern that gang members may be present at the concert.” Police officers and the fire marshal were also worried that the small venue was over capacity, but they are careful to say they did not shut down the show.

Illmaculate and other hip-hop artists say the incident at Blue Monk is part of a pattern of Portland police unfairly targeting hip-hop shows. PPB’s public information officer told Think Out Loud that police often have a presence at events that draw large crowds, regardless of what type of entertainment is involved.

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