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Are Smart Phones Changing Professional Photography?

Kat Sloma

Corvallis-based photographer Kat Sloma was named one of two “emerging artists” at this year’s Salem Art Fair and Festival. An electrical engineer by trade, Sloma is primarily a self-taught photographer. She was relatively successful until about a year ago when she decided to put away her DSLR camera in favor of her iPhone. She says that’s when her work began to really strike a chord with the public.

According to Sloma, her iPhone changed the way she views the very nature of a photograph. Now everyone has the capability to capture and manipulate images at all times of the day. In addition to her own work, Sloma teaches workshops on mobile photography where people of all ages and backgrounds, including “traditional” photographers have participated.

We’ll talk to Kat Sloma and discuss the changing nature of photography and what it means to be a photographer in an era where so many people have the tools of the trade.

Photos from Corvallis-based photographer Kat Sloma.

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