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As We Are: Abortion Stories

What’s behind the decision to terminate a pregnancy?

We are all faced with private decisions in our lives, but few reverberate in the political climate like the decision to terminate a pregnancy. Women who have abortions do so for a variety of reasons ranging from economic challenges to medical problems. Women terminated 11,663 pregnancies in Oregon last year, according to state health statistics. Though abortion is an issue that is often under the media microscope, we rarely hear the stories of individual women who have been through the experience of terminating a pregnancy. On the next installment of our As We Are series, we’re inviting women into the studio to talk about what it was like for them to have an abortion.

Have you ever been faced with the option of terminating a pregnancy? What made you consider this course of action? How did it turn out? If you had it to do over again, would you choose differently?


  • Shelley Sarfati
  • Angi Courville
  • Jacqueline Freeman

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