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As We Are: Addicted

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Addiction touches many people’s lives, but it is something that few people really talk about. Sure you hear stories of celebrities in rehab, but it is rare to hear how addiction really affects people in our own communities — our neighbors, friends and coworkers. In the next installment of our As We Are series (hour-long conversations with people who are often talked about instead of heard from) we’ll speak with people who have experience with addiction.

If you have gone through a recovery program for alcoholism, you’ve lived with a drug addict, or you know someone who lost all their money to gambling, we want to hear from you. Have you struggled with an addiction? Have you been a part of an intervention for a loved one? Do you know someone with an addiction to drugs or sex or gambling or something else? What have they done to get over it? Or is it still a daily struggle? Has addiction touched your life?


Pappy: Pharmacist who recovered from an addiction to prescription drugs

Victoria: Independent provider for developmentally disabled people who recovered from an addiction to methamphetamines

Ron: Sales account representative who has been a gambling addict for 20 years

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