The Ashland Food Co-op would like to help build cooperative housing for its workers.

The Ashland Food Co-op would like to help build cooperative housing for its workers.

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  • The Ashland Food Co-op intends to buy a plot of land nearby its main store downtown. They would likely use it to expand the store and they want to build workforce housing — in the form of a housing cooperative. Emile Amarotico, the General Manager of the co-op tells us about their plans.



  • Jackson County has seen 10 deaths since March that are likely opioid overdoses. That’s a huge increase from last year. Jim Shames, medical director for Jackson County, will tell us what they’re planning to do about it.



  • The nonprofit Portland Community Reinvestment Initiative Inc. (PCRI) plans to help African-American families displaced by recent gentrification in North and Northeast Portland with 1,000 new housing units. PCRI executive director Maxine Fitzpatrick joins us to talk about the Pathway 1000 program. 



  • President Trump recently signed a law aimed at shutting down and prosecuting sex traffickers. The Allow States and Victims to Fight Online Sex Trafficking Act (FOSTA) was debated for months, with Oregon’s senior U.S. senator opposing it, saying it would not do enough to reduce sex trafficking and would do too much to impede free speech online. Law professor Mary Graw Leary tells us why she thinks FOSTA is working, and Electronic Freedom Foundation activist Elliot Harmon shares his deep concerns about the law.

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