Sage Ricci

Portland author Tom Spanbauer is a pillar of the city’s literary community. He’s been teaching writing for more than two decades and his star-studded roster of former students includes Chuck Palahniuk and Monica Drake. And many others count him as a mentor and influence on their work. Spanbauer teaches what he calls “dangerous writing,” with a conversational style, and plot lines that don’t shy away from intensely personal material.

Spanbauer’s own works include five novels. The most recent, released earlier this month, is I Loved You More. The book explores the intricate complexities of love and friendship through a story that blurs the lines of sexuality and intimacy between a gay man, a straight man, and a straight woman.

While Spanbauer says he draws on experiences he’s had in his life, he prefers to write fiction rather than memoir because the “mask of fiction” allows him to tell the truth in a better way.

Watch a video of Tom Spanbauer’s appearance on Oregon Art Beat:

Are you a fan of Tom Spanbauer’s work? Have you taken his Dangerous Writing class? What questions do you have for him?