A ballot is turned in at an official county ballot return box in Oregon.

A ballot is turned in at an official county ballot return box in Oregon.

Alan Sylvestre/OPB



  • OPB’s senior political reporter Jeff Mapes gives us a rundown of interesting issues on the May Oregon primary ballot.



  • The advocacy group Disability Rights Oregon recently released an assessment of the Behavioral Health Unit at the Oregon State Penitentiary to measure whether or not the prison is on track to meet goals the group laid out in 2015. The short answer is: No. DRO says prisoners with mental illness and developmental disabilities should not be isolated, but prison officials argue isolation is the best way to ensure safety for inmates and staff. DRO staff attorney Joel Greenberg and Oregon Department of Corrections director Colette Peters join us to dig into the report and the bigger questions it brings up.



  • A Burgerville store on Southeast Powell Boulevard in Portland is voting today on whether to unionize. If employees say yes, they will be the first fast food store in the country to unionize. OPB’s Molly Solomon fills us in.



  • The U.S. Forest Service is holding public meetings and taking public comment on proposals that would restrict access to national forest land in Oregon. We talk with Matt Peterson, Recreation Program Manager for the Willamette National Forest, about where these policies stand and what they would mean for would-be users of these protected public lands.

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