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The Beauty of Bridges

Pete Springer/OPB

Near my hometown in Ontario, Canada there was a small covered bridge that was — and surely still is — the darling of the area. I remember when friends and family visited from abroad we would all pile into the station wagon and head into the countryside to see that lovely red bridge.

Now, living in Portland, I travel the bridges that span the Willamette. I love to drive across the Fremont bridge and look south to the many bridges lined up across the river. One of those bridges is the Hawthorne, and this year it celebrates its centennial anniversary.

The 100th year piqued the imagination of a local bridge enthusiast and an installation artist. Together they created the PDX Bridge Festival. The festival is a celebration of bridges of every kind and will include art exhibitions, concerts, light shows, tours and even a brunch (on grass!) on the Hawthorne bridge. 

This huge event has left us wondering: what makes bridges so beautiful? Do you have a favorite bridge? Is it a historic covered bridge like the one from my childhood? Or an expansive piece of architecture like some of the bridges along the Oregon coast? Why do you like it?

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