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Beaverton Schools Want iPads For All Students

Sixth grader Helen Huiskes uses her iPad.

Sixth grader Helen Huiskes uses her iPad.

Rob Manning/OPB

Going “1:1” — giving every child access to technology at school — is not a new idea. Schools in Portland, Corvallis and Eugene have either implemented digital conversion programs or are in “pilot” stages with iPads and laptops. When Oregon’s Chief Education Officer Nancy Golden visited a middle school in Forest Grove that has an iPad pilot program, she said she saw the “most engaged learning” she’d ever seen.

Not everyone is rushing to embrace technology in schools, though. There are concerns about kids having too much screen time and too little social interaction. Since iPads haven’t been used long enough for there to be conclusive studies done, there isn’t wide agreement about how useful the technology actually is. Some schools claim they’ve seen increases in student organization and engagement, but there’s a lack of information about the use of technology has affected test scores or academic achievement.


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