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Beer at Food Carts?

Pete Springer/OPB

One food cart pod wants to be allowed to serve beer and wine, but Portland city officials don’t like the precedent it could set. Roger Goldingay and his wife own the property applying for the beer and wine license — Cartlandia on SE 82nd Ave. They also own a food cart pod on N. Mississippi, where patrons can bring their food into an ajacent brick and mortar restaurant and drink a beer while they chow down. Goldingay says he’s trying to replicate the Mississippi business model at the Cartlandia location. The license would be for the property itself, not for an individual food cart.

The Oregon Liquor Control Commission (OLCC) will have the final say on whether or not to grant the license, but the city also plays a role. Anyone applying for a liquor license in Portland must get a recommendation (positive, negative or neutral) from the Portland Police with input from the Office of Neighborhood Involvement. Goldingay went through the proper channels and in July, the OLCC says they got a positive recommendation from Portland officials. The city says it never gave a positive recommendation in the first place. Either way, this week, the City Council voted on a resolution to ask the state not to approve Cartlandia’s license, citing concerns over noise and other negative ramifications.

The OLCC expects to vote on whether or not to approve Cartlandia’s license at their March 16 meeting.

Do you eat at food carts? Would you like to see beer and wine served at food cart pods as well? Do you have concerns about alcohol sales at food cart pods?


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