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Who Is The Breadwinner In Your Family?

Pete Springer/OPB

Every family’s approach to finances is a little bit different. In some households, one person’s income is enough for everyone to live on. Others get by on two full-time or part-time salaries. For some, the choice for one spouse to stay at home and be the primary caretaker is completely intentional. In other cases, it’s an uncomfortable situation brought on by being laid off or by long-term unemployment. These are just a few examples of how couples and families work out their personal economies.

Studies show more women are out-earning their male partners and taking on the role of breadwinner, but this relatively new twist on traditional gender roles can cause tension in some heterosexual relationships. According to New York Magazine, there’s been a bit of a backlash among some women who identify as feminists and choose to embrace the role of homemaker.

Do you live off of one income or two? Do you feel like you have a choice? What responsibilities and privileges go along with being the breadwinner, or staying home?

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