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Biking in Non-Urban Areas

Pete Springer/OPB

Last week, Washington County unveiled a toolkit to help streamline the process of adding bike lanes in the region. The county is a mix of rural, suburban, and urban areas. The Department of Land Use and Transportation Communications Coordinator Stephen Roberts told us the toolkit was devised as a one-stop guide to make building bike infrastructure easier.

There wasn’t much of a precedent for a county-wide toolkit. Many big cities have guidelines, as do some states, but Washington County had to pick and choose from those templates to find something that could work for a region with urban and non-urban areas.

Portland is often credited as one of the best cities in the country for cyclists, which makes for a large number of bike commuters. But what is the experience of cyclists in the suburbs outside the city and beyond?

Do you bike in Washington County, or other less urban places? Do you have access to bike lanes? What is your experience biking outside the city?

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