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Bill McKibben’s latest article about climate change in Rolling Stone magazine — Global Warming’s Terrifying New Math — quickly went viral. There were 4,000 comments on the website and 100,000 likes on Facebook. As we discussed with McKibben a few years ago on our show, climate change has been central to his work for decades now, but global climate conditions have only worsened in that time. The “terrifying new math” he writes about includes:

  • Celsius: the number of degrees climate change scientists agree we must not raise the global temperature above. That global temperature has already risen by .8 degrees.
  • 565 Gigatons: the amount of carbon dioxide those scientists say we can add to the atmosphere and perhaps stay below that two degree threshold.
  • 2,795 Gigatons:the estimated amount of carbon dioxide that we’re currently planning on adding.

Where does climate change fit into your priorities? What would you like to ask Bill McKibben?


  • Bill McKibben: Author, educator and environmentalist
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