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Biomass Power in Vancouver?

Pete Springer/OPB

The idea behind putting a biomass power plant in Vancouver was fairly simple: create jobs and generate energy from a green power source. Clark County Commissioners approved the private project by Schneider Energy, but the city of Vancouver turned it down cold. Opponents like the Hough Neighborhood Association say it’s not the kind of development they want to see in the area — plus they say the emissions generated by the plant would make already bad air quality worse. 

The County appealed the city’s denial, and a decision by the hearings examiner is expected soon. However, both sides are committed to the cause, and whatever way the ruling goes, it’s likely to be appealed — meaning the future of Vancouver biomass could go up in smoke.

Do you live near this proposed biomass power plant in Vancouver, or another power plant operating in the northwest? Do you use energy generated by biomass? Do you have concerns about the air quality impacts of biomass energy production?

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