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How should the U.S. react to Iranian missile testing?

Iran test-fired missiles this week — at least one which could reportedly be strong enough to hit Israel. Iranian officials say they’re doing it to prove the country can defend itself. The tests have increased tensions with the United States and have caused many people to worry about what might happen next.

President Bush considers Iran part of the Axis of Evil and has refused to rule out military reactions which could mean strikes on Iranian nuclear facilities. This week Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said, ?We will defend our interests and defend our allies.?

Oregon has a long-standing relationship with Iran. Portland is developing a sister city relationship with Shiraz, Iran. That’s in line with the city council renewing a resolution asking for peaceful negotiations with Iran.

Portland State University is home to the first federally supported undergraduate program in the U.S. for Middle East studies. And there are significant Iranian communities in Beaverton, Portland, Lake Oswego, Tigard and Vancouver, Washington.

Are you from Iran? Have you visited or done business there? What do you think of the missile testing and of how the U.S. is reacting? What should the next step be? Should we continue diplomatic talks or prepare to strike?


Goudarz Eghtedari: Board Co-Ordinator of the American Iranian Friendship Council

Allan Abravanel: President of the Oregon Area Jewish Committee

Grant Farr: Associate Dean for the College of Arts and Sciences and Former Director of the Middle East Studies program at Portland State University. He?s the author of ?Modern Iran?

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